“Your hunt for quality thin boards, is over….”

We are glad you’ve come to ThinBoards.com.  We are partners with Woodchuck’s Wood, and your premier site for qualtity thin boards, of almost any species.

We specialize in thin boards from 1/16″ thick to 5/8″ thick….and everything in between.  Don’t be afraid to send us a message, asking for a custom size.

Due to increase demand, we now also carry thicker wood, from 3/4″ up through 2″ thick wood.  For you lumberjacks out there, that’s 4/4 through 8/4 thickness, rough, or surfaced.

We recently brought in a shipment of Teak lumber, and we will be milling that into thin stock shortly.  Of course, it’s also available as full sized dimensional lumber too.

3 thoughts on ““Your hunt for quality thin boards, is over….””

  1. I’m having a heck of a time trying to place an order on your Etsy site. Is there any other way to place one?

    1. Hi Bill,

      Although we resolved this issue by me sending you a PayPal Payment Invoice directly after you contacted me, I wanted to post a reply in case there are others with the same issue.

      I submitted a ticket to Etsy, and while they never got back got me, the research I did online shows me that Etsy’s PayPal servers are undersized and can’t handle all the requests they get. When this happens the end user gets strange “oops, I couldn’t process your request” messages.

      As I mentioned, the workaround, is to contact me in Etsy with a Conversation, or message me on this website. I will send you a direct invoice and all will be ok.

      Thanks, Bill, I hope you enjoy your boards!


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