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Our eMail: Sales@ThinBoards.com We specialize in custom cutting of thin boards for the general hobbiest.  If you need to do some scroll sawing, and and need some 1/4" boards (we all hate plywood), or if you need some thin boards to reface your cabinets....you've come to the right place.  From 1/16" thin, up to 2" thick...and maybe some 3" Basswood.  
  We also do some turning from time to time, so you may wish to contact us for bowl blanks, or turning spindles, too.  


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This is where you'll find the prices for most of our wood, whether it be thick or thin.    
How strong is Birch, compared to Oak, compared to Maple?  
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   Cracks and Splits  Flattening Veneer  Getting a Glass Smooth Finish   Pesky Pinholes   Voids